Metal Free Fillings

Metal Free Restorations in Las Vegas

Metal Free fillings, also known as composites, are a perfect solution for repairing damaged, decayed, or defects in your teeth. They are made out of a tooth-colored, composite resin that can perfectly match the natural color of your teeth.

Unlike the metal amalgam fillings that have been used in the past, composite fillings are more resistant to fractures for they act more like your natural teeth. When your teeth get hot or cold, they can swell or contract. Metal Free fillings are able to do this while amalgams cannot.

Metal Free fillings can be placed in just one visit. For its placement, we first remove the decayed or damaged portion of your tooth. Then, an acidic solution will be applied to etch the surface of the tooth allowing the Metal Free filling to be bonded to your tooth.

Once the tooth has been prepared, a bonding agent is applied to the etched surface. Then the tooth-colored composite resin is applied to the tooth in several layers. The Metal Free filling is then bonded to the tooth with a special light. After the Metal Free filling has been cured, or hardened, we can then shape and polish it so that there is no difference between the Metal Free filling and your tooth.

Metal Free fillings can provide you with great restorations for your decayed or damaged teeth. You can also have your older metal amalgam fillings replaced with the aesthetic Metal Free fillings if you are unsatisfied with the look they give you.