Same-Day Crowns

Do you have a damaged tooth? If so, we may recommend that you get a CEREC crown to improve the situation. Are you familiar with this type of dental crown?

The crown fits over the tooth, allowing it to hide an implant, chips, and other damages. If you are considering having a crown added soon, be sure to read the rest of this page. We made sure to include all of the information you need to know.

What is a CEREC Made From?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Crowns can be made from various materials, but our CEREC crown is made from a durable ceramic. We use a CADCAM-3 imaging system to scan your tooth and produce a crown that fits it perfectly.

We will usually add the crown after a procedure, allowing you to be in and out of our practice as quick as possible. Other types of crowns can take up to two weeks to install, but CEREC can be completely installed in one day, due to the material used and modeling technology.

What are the Benefits?

CEREC crowns come with many different benefits, making them the preferred option for our patients. They include:

Short Procedure Times

You can walk out of our practice with a new crown in one afternoon, instead of waiting the usual two weeks. The process is greatly sped up due to our computer-aided design technology. We capture accurate images of your tooth, then create a crown designed just for you.

If you have questions about our procedure times, be sure to contact our office. Most patients only take an hour to have the crown installed. Your appointment may take longer if you have another reason for your visit on top of the crown installation.

Natural Appearance

Willow Springs Dental takes pride in creating a natural appearance in our crowns. No one will even notice you are wearing one. The CEREC crown does not have visible metal parts and matches the color of the rest of your teeth.


The material and installation of a CEREC crown allows it to be extremely durable. They resist cracking and are likely to last several years- you may never need a replacement if you take care of it.

How Does the Procedure Go?

The machine works similar to a 3-D Printer. The process starts with our dental experts scanning your tooth. Then, we create the model of the crown in the computer. From there, the machine will “print” your ceramic crown- only taking 15 to 20 minutes at most.

Our dentist will clean the crown, then place it over your tooth. Please make sure to ask questions if you have them! Our experts are very experienced in making CEREC crowns and want to help you feel comfortable during the procedure.

How’s CEREC Different?

Traditionally, crowns were made of metal. They can fit well, but tend to stand out in your mouth, making many feel self-conscious of their teeth. Overall, CEREC crowns are much more natural in their appearance.

Additionally, traditional metal crowns also take several appointments to install. There are also waiting periods, which are needed to ensure your mouth does not reject the metal. It also takes longer to make the metal cap- meaning you need to wear a temporary crown in the meantime.

If you want your crown to be done in one hour, then visit Willow Springs Dental for your CEREC crown! We are fast, efficient, and accurate with this procedure.

How to Take Care of Your CEREC Crown

A CEREC crown will last between 10 and 15 years. Although, you can extend the lifespan by taking care of your tooth. You will want to practice good oral hygiene everyday to get the most out of your crown.

It’s easy to take care of too. All you need to do is take care of it the way you do the rest of your teeth. Brush two times daily, floss, and don’t drink too many sweet beverages.

CEREC Aftercare

Right after your procedure, you want to wait for the numbness from the anesthetic to go away. You do not want to eat during this time, as you can bite or burn yourself without noticing. Plus, you should also avoid hard and sticky food for 48 hours.

These foods can harm your new CEREC crown before it has time to completely set. We use a cement adhesive to connect it to your natural tooth; it needs time to dry and seal to your tooth. Eating something too sticky before it dries can pull it off.

Your teeth may feel sensitive for a week after the procedure. Taking OTC pain medicine can help.

Finally, you may feel dried bits of cement in your mouth when brushing your teeth- this is normal! However, if you feel anything sharp in your mouth, you will want to contact us. We can file down the area for you, so you do not get any cuts.

Long Term Care

You will want to come up with a daily oral care routine. We recommend that you brush your teeth in the morning and before bed. You also will want to floss one time per day and visit our practice regularly for checkups.

We will inspect your crown and the rest of your teeth. That way, there should be no issues that unexpectedly pop up.

Contact Us Today

Please call us soon if you are considering a CEREC crown. We can add it in a single day, anytime you choose! Many people prefer to have it added after another procedure or checkup, while they are already at our location.

Our dental experts are very familiar with this type of crown. We have performed this procedure many times and are looking forward to assisting you. These crowns look very natural and are simple to care for.

Contact us today or fill out our online form to set up a consultation appointment. We are also available to answer any questions that you might have.