Benefits of Same Day Crowns

A crown is a staple of many dental offices and procedures. A large majority of the population waits to get a permanent crown. During the interim, the dental patient receives a temporary crown. Reasons for waiting include the suggestion of the dentist or the lack of same-day crown capabilities. For the best possible results, same-day crowns are the answer. Dental health is a serious matter that no one takes lightly. Consider a same-day crown for convenience, cost, and quality.

 There Will Be No Need For Temporary Crown

A temporary crown is a weaker crown that is for short-duration use. Some dental patients struggle to chew with a temporary dental crown. Furthermore, a temporary crown can lead to discomfort in the mastication process. Finally, because the temporary crown does not possess an ideal fit, it can alter the alignment of the patient’s bite. The lack of utility and uncomfortable nature makes a temporary crown less desirable.

 A Temporary Crown Can Fall Off

Temporary crowns only last for a few days to a few weeks. Because temporary crowns last a short period, the adhesive material is weaker than a permanent crown. Weak adhesion means that a temporary crown can fall off. The temporary crown can fall out in food. Sometimes patients ingest a temporary crown during sleep. Losing a temporary crown can be traumatic and stressful. To avoid the unpleasant nature of a temporary crown loss, choose a same-day crown.

 Same-Day Crowns Have Better Quality

A same-day crown has better quality than a temporary crown. Temporary crowns are meant for short-term use and have lower quality than permanent and same-day crowns. A temporary crown is of lower quality, and this means it can fall out. Rather than troubling yourself with a temporary crown, consider a same-day crown for the superior quality it provides. As a bonus, a same-day crown requires fewer visits to the dentist. A same-day crown will reduce the irritation that comes from a temporary crown.

 Same-Day Crowns Better Maintain Tooth Integrity

A drawback of temporary crowns is that the dentist must drill deeper into the tooth. A dentist must drill deep into the tooth to facilitate the creation of a temporary crown. A same-day crown does not require the amount of damage in drilling. The lack of drilling translates into better tooth integrity. A same-day crown maintains better tooth integrity because there are fewer drilling requirements. To maintain tooth integrity, consider opting for a same-day crown.

 A Same-Day Crown Requires Less Dental Office Visits

Not many people enjoy or look forward to going to the dentist. When you receive a temporary crown, you have to return to the dental office to get the permanent crown put in place. Of course, a temporary crown means more trips to the dental office. A same-day crown reduces the number of times you visit the dentist's office. Because your crown is made the same day, you have one less trip to the dentist's office. Less dental visits is a perk of same-day crowns that everyone will enjoy.

 A Same-Day Crown Has the Same Shade and Shape

A selling point of temporary crowns is that temporary crowns allow the dentist to order a crown in the same shade as existing teeth. Another common belief is that a temporary crown gives dentists extra time to shape the crown in alignment with the mouth. The truth is, a same-day crown can match the shape and color of your teeth. In fact, a same-day crown can do this equally as well as a permanent crown. New technological advances make same-day crowns a possibility. A same-day crown can give you the same shade and shape as a permanent crown that takes a few weeks to make.

 A Same-Day Crown Saves You Money

Each trip to the dental office costs money. You have to pay for two visits when you get a temporary crown. You pay for the dental visit to place the temporary crown and the dental office visit to pay for the permanent crown. You save money by only having one trip to the dental office. Furthermore, a temporary crown is not free. You pay for two crowns when you opt for a temporary crown. By eliminating the temporary crown, you are getting rid of excess costs. A same-day crown will save you money in multiple ways.

 You Will Not Need Impression Putty

Dental patients unfondly remember impression putty and the taste that is left behind. Impression putty is uncomfortable and bad-tasting. Some dental patients even gag during the impression putty process. A benefit of same-day crowns is that they do not require impression putty. Because of the technology that same-day crowns use, there is no need for an impression of the bite. The lack of impression putty will alleviate a major stressor in the crown process. A same-day crown does not require impression putty which is an unpleasant part of the crown process.

 A Same-Day Crown Offers Convenience

As implied in the name, a same-day crown is available for a dental patient on the same day. It is highly convenient to have one dental visit. Dentists craft your same-day crown while you wait in the dental office. Bring a book or a magazine and wait at the dentist's office for your crown to be perfected. The convenience of a same-day crown is incomparable to a temporary crown.

So many people are unaware that the technology for a same-day crown exists. People who are aware of the existence do not think the technology is attainable or widely available. Now that you know same-day crowns exist; consider getting a same-day crown in your next procedure. There is no need to get a temporary crown when you can enjoy the perks of a same-day crown. Thanks to advances in technology, same-day crowns are not only a possibility but a reality. A skilled dentist will fit you with a same-day crown and eliminate the messiness of the temporary crown process.