Full Mouth Reconstruction

Many patients in the Las Vegas come to us at Willow Springs Dental looking for full mouth reconstruction because they’re unhappy with the current state of their smile. Their unhappiness may stem from a dissatisfaction with the appearance of their smile, or from ongoing dental health concerns and pain. Whatever the reason, our team is committed to serving each of our patients with empathy and understanding, providing them with the best solutions for their dental health concerns, and giving them the smile they have always dreamed of and the confidence they deserve.

What Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Entail?

Full mouth reconstruction, also referred to as full mouth restoration is a procedure that repairs and/or replaces an individual’s teeth to solve their dental concerns and reduce their risk for tooth damage, tooth loss, or oral infections. The procedure itself involves a multitude of dental procedures such as bridges, crowns, implants, gum surgery, etc. to improve esthetics as well as dental function and overall health of the patient.

What Treatments Comprise a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Every patient’s situation and oral health is different, so there is not one set ‘list’ of procedures that a full mouth reconstruction is comprised of. What we do when a patient comes in for a consultation for a full mouth reconstruction is fully examine and discuss the state of their current oral health, the necessary problems that need to be fixed, and what their overall goals are for the procedure. From there we are able to create a unique plan that is customized to each individual patient. The most common procedures involved in a full moth construction are extractions, implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, and more.

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

We understand the idea of a full mouth reconstruction can be quite overwhelming, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our patients here at Willow Springs Dental.

Can I Afford a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The cost for a full mouth reconstruction varies from patient to patient, as the procedures each individual patient need are unique to them. Many factors go into the pricing of a full mouth reconstruction such as the appropriate dental materials, what level of sedation may be needed, and how extensive the reconstruction is. That being said, we work with all of our patients to understand what their goals are as well as their financial limitations to create a customized procedure plan that suits their budget.

We also offer financing options with our partner Sunbit that allows our patients to pay for their procedures and dental costs over time rather than a lump some all at once. There are no hard credit checks required, there is an 85% approval rate, and you’re able to hear back about your status almost immediately so you can move forward with your plans as soon as possible! Learn a little more about your financing options and our partnership with Sunbit here.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The only true way to know if a full mouth reconstruction might be right for you is to give us a visit so we can fully examine the state of your smile and your oral health. However, if you have one or more of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Give us a call at 702-867-2745 to see if a full mouth reconstruction is right for you!

  • You frequently get bad headaches or migraines.
  • You have pain and soreness surrounding your jaw.
  • You experience pain in your face, neck, shoulders, and/or back.
  • Unexplained congestion in your ears.
  • Loose, cracked, worn, and/or chipped teeth.
  • You have temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ).

What Do Our Patients Have to Say?

“Dr. McRae is the most incredible, caring, compassionate dentist I've ever been to! He takes the fear away from dental procedures and I'm so glad I found him. I trust Dr. McRae with all my dental needs and I know that I'm in good hands. He is an honest man you can trust. His staff are awesome, extremely helpful and efficient. I no longer fear going to the dentist.” – Willow Springs Dentistry Patient.

“I have been a patient with Willow Springs Dental since March 2021. My initial consultation was outstanding with Wendee, my hygienist. She was very professional and answered all my questions with the utmost concern and understanding. Since my husband's passing in 2014, I did not keep up with my routine appointments due to my depression and grief. Dr. McRae and his marvelous staff accommodated all my dental needs as if I was a family member. The ambiance that you feel from the moment you walk into the clinic, with the office staff being so attentive, Matt with his jovial self in handling the billing arrangements, Janice with her soft spoken intellectual advice on dental care, and Nathan from "Tech Art Ceramics, LLC" who matched my crown to my natural teeth color 110% accuracy, what more can I say about the care I received from Willow Springs Dental. The staff is to be commended for efficiency, accuracy, and overall superior quality service. I am over the top satisfied with my new look! Thank you so much for making this widow smile again with confidence!” – Willow Springs Dentistry Patient.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Painful?

One of the biggest concerns our patients have is in regard to the amount of pain they will experience from the procedure. Everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, but the good news is that during the procedures, you will not experience any pain. With the use of sedation dentistry, we are able to ensure our patients feel calm, relaxed, and pain free throughout the entirety of their procedures.

The Best Summerlin Dentist for Full Mouth Reconstruction

We know you have many options when looking for a dentist in the Summerlin area, but if you’re looking for a doctor you can trust with a team full of experts, Willow Springs Dental is the place to go. We love nothing more than giving our patients a smile they love that will function properly, doesn’t cause them pain, and allows them to exude confidence. So, if you’re considering full mouth reconstruction, schedule a consultation with us today. We’ve got you covered!