Emergency Dentist

You never know when a dental emergency will occur. You could be participating in a local sports rec league and be struck in the face with a ball. Auto accidents have the potential to cause significant dental damage. Even a slip or trip and subsequent fall can cause you to land on your face or make contact with another object that sends a tooth flying right on out of your mouth. If you do not have an emergency dentist ready and willing to help in the aftermath of such an unfortunate incident, you will be in considerable pain for much longer than should be necessary.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist Rather Than Visiting the Hospital Emergency Room

Most people errantly assume they will be able to make a beeline to the closest hospital emergency room in the event of a severe oral health problem. However, only an emergency dentist can treat dental emergencies. Your emergency dentist has the specialized dental instruments, training, knowledge, and experience necessary to properly treat your dental problem. Those who work in hospital emergency rooms do not have such specialized instruments or training. There is no sense wasting your time visiting the hospital emergency room when the personnel who work in this setting are incapable of treating your dental emergency. The better approach is to immediately contact your emergency dentist to coordinate prompt care for your oral pain.

There is No Reason to Suffer in Silence

Rewind time a few decades back and emergency dentists were nowhere near as popular as they are today. There is no longer even a slight social stigma in admitting you need help for a dental problem. Contact your dentist to schedule an emergency dental appointment and you will be treated in a compassionate manner. Do not suffer in silence while your aching, cracked or lost tooth causes pain. Nor is it sensible to attempt to pull a compromised tooth on your own. Opt for professional care provided by an emergency dentist and you will be provided with timely pain relief that makes a world of a difference. The moral of this story is if you have the will to improve your condition, your emergency dentist will provide the way.

Examples of Dental Emergencies

From car accidents to sports mishaps, physical altercations and beyond, there are all sorts of problems that can arise with your teeth, gums, and tongue. There is no shame in admitting your action (or lack thereof) or another's negligence caused your current pain. Cracked teeth, a knocked-out tooth, a harsh toothache, and a bleeding tongue are just a few examples of dental emergencies that will require prompt and professional diagnosis/treatment. If you are uncertain as to whether your oral health issue is a legitimate dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact the dentist's office for clarification. Explain exactly what is going on in your mouth to the dentist to find out whether you should head directly to the office for immediate treatment or if there is a home remedy that will suffice.

However, not all oral health issues qualify as legitimate emergencies. Some dental conditions do not necessitate immediate care. As an example, the loss of a filling, a broken crown, a slight toothache and a lost dental appliance such as a retainer do not qualify as legitimate dental emergencies. Though these issues will likely require care from a dentist, there is no need to establish an emergency appointment. In general, legitimate dental emergencies are characterized by significant pain. If you suspect your tooth is at risk or if there is uncontrolled bleeding or harsh pain, you have a true dental emergency that mandates immediate attention.

Prompt Treatment for Dental Emergencies

When you have significant dental pain or another problem with your mouth, time is of the essence. You are undoubtedly uncomfortable, upset and possibly even emotional. You need timely dental assistance provided by an emergency dentist with a proven track record of success. Though you could certainly wait it out and simply hope things will get better, most dental emergencies do not improve on their own without the assistance of a professional dentist. Do not delay. Take immediate action by reaching out to our dentist for assistance that will lessen your pain and get your mouth back to normal as quickly as possible. Visit the office sooner rather than later and you will be on the fast-track to improvement, a return to work and also a return to normalcy.

Address the Problem now to Prevent Worse Problems Down the Line

Plenty of patients are hesitant to ask for assistance with their pressing oral health issue as they would prefer to be self-reliant and not force the dentist to alter the day's schedule on-the-fly to tend to what might or might not be a true dental emergency. When in doubt, ask for assistance from your emergency dentist! There is no reason to attempt to wait it out when your emergency dentist is a phone call away. If you wait too long to address your pressing dental problem, it will likely lead to even more problems down the line.

It is possible a delay in dental care following a dental emergency will spur the need for additional procedures and treatments that prove costly and uncomfortable. You can avoid this outcome by contacting your emergency dentist as soon as possible after the harsh pain arises. Even if the extent of the interaction with your emergency dentist is a discussion over the phone, reaching out for guidance is better than doing nothing and hoping your situation improves.

If you are in need of emergency dental treatment or have not been to the dentist in the past six months, contact Willow Springs Dental today. Even if you do not have dental insurance, we will still likely be able to help. Rest assured that Dr. Marc McRae and his caring team will take care of you!